Tomato-vegetable soup
Servings Prep Time
16-20Meals 2-4*Hours
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
16-20Meals 2-4*Hours
Cook Time
  • 6Kg tomatoesFresh and of good quality (like pomodoro or vine tomatoes)
  • 1Kg carrots
  • 1Bunch Celery stalks
  • 1,5Kg Red unions
  • 1Whole garlic
  • 1Kg grilled sweet peppers(For most brands this equals to about 3 jars after discarding the liquid)
  • 140Gr tomato puree(This is one of those ingredients where quality can make a huge difference in taste. I like the brands ‘Cerio’ and ‘Mutti’, but experiment with brands available in your area)
  • 30Gr parsley
  • 20Gr chives
*Preparing the tomatoes (optional)
  1. Skinning the tomatoes is not complicated and it makes the soup much more pleasant to eat. However, with 6 kilograms of tomatoes to skin, it does increase the time this recipe takes a LOT.
Making the soup
  1. (This is where I explain how this is done)
  1. (Easiest way to portion, package and store the soup will go here)
Dinner time
  1. (How to add the final touches before eating this meal)
Recipe Notes

Something about this soup being a really nice main-to-starter recipe will go here.